How Novo Nordisk are Reimaging Talent Mobility

In this episode of the HR Leaders Podcast, I’m joined by Ross Thornley, Author, Keynote Speaker on Adaptability & The Future of Work. Co-Founder of AQai.

The pace of change in the world today is faster than ever before. Expertise that once took decades to accumulate can become irrelevant in months. To thrive in this environment, we need to upgrade our operating system, both as individuals and organizations.

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Episode highlights

0:00 Intro and episode highlight

01:13 Welcoming Ross to the show

01:36 Ross' background in graphic design and business

03:28 Transformation through coaching

03:32 Ross' book - A new operating system for change

05:36 What is Adaptability Quotient (AQ)?

10:37 Why failing should be celebrated

13:44 HR's role in adaptability and innovation

15:38 Is AI ready to take over compliance?

17:04 AI's impact on innovation

21:42 Collaboration vs competition

23:28 Imagination over knowledge

25:22 The pace of change is accelerating

26:23 Balancing paradoxes - finding calm within chaos

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