Reimagining Your Talent Approach: Unlocking Skills and Potential

In this episode of the HR Leaders Podcast, we are joined by In this episode of the HR Leaders Podcast, we are joined by Chandra Sanders, Founder & CEO of Heels N Hustle and Author, to discuss her insights on transforming talent strategies.

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Episode highlights

00:00 - Episode highlight

01:30 - Chandra's background

03:00 - Pivoting careers over time

05:00 - Writing the book "The Essential Upgrade"

07:30 - Implementing skills-based hiring

10:00 - Assessing organizational skills gaps

12:00 - Benefits of skills-based hiring

14:30 - Cultivating a growth mindset

17:00 - Introspection and bringing whole self to work

19:30 - Continuous learning and development

21:00 - Reimagining talent practices

23:00 - Walking the talk on DEI

25:00 - Key takeaways for HR leaders

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