Presenting: Omen

They thought they were searching for a missing girl. But amateur adventurers Gwen, Tobias, and Quentin must darken many dangerous doorways to unravel a deeper mystery--and some doors cannot be closed once opened. From the producers of Girl in Space comes Omen, a fantasy audio drama featuring spellcraft, swashbuckling, and more than a few sinister secrets.

Omen is a new fantasy audio drama from Executive Producer Sarah Rhea Werner, creator of the award-winning sci-fi audio drama Girl in Space. Omen features positive, relationship-driven storytelling about found family, pirates, and rampaging demons delivered through inclusive and relatable dialogue without relying too heavily on high fantasy tropes. The show’s tone is exciting, perilous, friendly, and smarmy—all brought to life by a diverse cast of phenomenal voice actors.

You can listen to Omen at or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. 

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