How the New Science of Self Awareness Gives Us the Edge

In this episode of the HR Leaders podcast I'm joined Steve Fleming, a professor of cognitive neuroscience at University College London. Steve illuminated the critical role of self-awareness and how developing this ability can enhance performance. He also shares insights from his new book: How the New Science of Self Awareness Gives Us the Edge.

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Episode highlights

00:00 - Introduction & episode highlight

00:36 - Steve's background

01:14 - Interest in metacognition

02:22 - The role of self-awareness

03:31 - Differences in self-awareness

03:35 - Is self-awareness innate?

04:39 - Development of self-awareness in children

06:03 - Metacognition vs. self-awareness

07:17 - Animal vs. human self-awareness

08:12 - Benefits of self-awareness

09:05 - Improving self-awareness

12:11 - Using affirmations to enhance self-awareness

12:28 - Self-awareness in animals

14:28 - Self-awareness and AI

17:05 - Outsourcing to AI impacts self-reflection

18:41 - Dreams and self-awareness

21:02 - Using affirmations while sleeping

23:16 - Additional resources

23:31 - Connecting with Steve

24:00 - Key takeaways and closing thoughts

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