Presenting: What Will Be Here

What Will Be Here is a sci-fi audio drama about living on a doomed earth and building things anyway. In it, five friends send a rocket to space with a collection of recordings on it, documenting the world’s decline, their experiences living on a doomed earth, the stories they want to tell, and their efforts in building a rocket to get this message to the stars. They wonder what their world will have become by the time their message is listened to. What will be left of a planet that has destroyed itself? What will be left of the people who lived there? What will become of their stories? What will be here?

At its core, this show is about living and creating when things feel pointless. It's a story that came out of the pandemic, and the landscape in which this story was written and produced greatly influenced how it turned out. What Will Be Here? is set on earth 200 years in the future, where large-scale crises are fully normalized. But despite the bleak backdrop, this story is one of hope - of overcoming challenges, of making things that might be temporary, but also things that might be launched into space and continue on forever. The experience of the characters in What Will Be Here? mirrors the experience of the cast and crew; both creating something new against a background of tragedy, and neither knowing quite where it will end up.

You can listen to What Will Be Here at or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

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